Whenever a person and you will a lady have sex ahead of matrimony

Whenever a person and you will a lady have sex ahead of matrimony

…making love outside relationship, the Bible connection it as a beneficial sin, just like the sex additional relationship try an effective sin. It’s not necessary to make love external matrimony, you have to get into relationship ahead of knowing what gender is actually all about (R11, ADEZF girls adolescent)

.. the pleasure of the woman has already been shed. The person will find the woman since a second hand otherwise “Belgium” (utilized matter) or something like that (R5, ADEZM, men adolescent).

The things i see is that it’s so illegal it’s not a good idea since it leads to the destruction for the future. At all, when your people in the course of time gets pregnant she no further continues on having the girl degree (R3, ADIKF, ladies adolescent).

Outcomes of pre-relationship intercourse intricate from the respondents tend to be loss of virginity, likelihood of hiring sexually sent attacks, undesirable pregnancy, throwing of your own girl of the men in charge when maternity happen, losing out of school by expecting girl, the potential for the new pregnant lady trying to an abortion, and you will informative distraction getting teenagers and you will disgrace to have family. Illustrative rates are given below.

I do believe they haven’t yet recognized what they’re where university getting, because that gender can make her or him not be timely and will be unable to pay attention to one example happening

What i think about boys and girls sex just before relationships is that if you start making love which have a guy and you will you aren’t married so you can him the latest man could get your pregnant and you can dump you (R4, ADEZF, females teenage).

…It (pre-relationship gender) contributes to the damage into the future since if the individual at some point will get expecting she not any longer continues on together knowledge (R3, ADIKF, women teenage). (more…)

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