Tengen Uzui’s Spouses: Who they really are and exactly why He’s 3

Tengen Uzui’s Spouses: Who they really are and exactly why He’s 3

Tengen Uzui is a characteristics within the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu Zero Yaiba’s in which he is the best labeled as somebody who possess 3 wives. They are a good flamboyant character with plenty of charisma and you will appeal, so it is not difficult to assume so it hunk which have step three wives.

This can be explained from the Tanjiro who mentioned that Tengen’s loved ones strategies polygamy. Polygamy implies that you’re into the a love otherwise ily’s head chooses 3 spouses due to their men whenever boys turn fifteen.

More information in the Tengen’s wives could well be mutual, such the names, characters, their looks, and their relationships with Tengen Uzui.


Makio is actually a kunoichi and something of spouses away from Tengen Uzui. Kunoichi try an expression utilized for female ninjas, very Makio is quite skilled from inside the ninjutsu. Makio are more youthful, their peak are average and her physique is voluptuous whenever you are her eyes is actually wonderful and large that will be framed by huge eyelashes. The woman hair is black that have golden-brownish bangs.

Makio is known for their headstrong identification. This woman is calculated and you may knows what she desires. This woman is pleased with by herself and has very strong count on. Makio isn’t totally insensitive, just like the she is viewed worrying all about Tengen’s wellness.

She does not have any superhuman efficiency but she came into this world from inside the an excellent shinobi members of the family, for this reason Makio has got the same efficiency given that an excellent ninja.


Suma is even more youthful that have a beneficial voluptuous muscles, the woman is small along with her hair is black colored and you can neck-duration while the fucks try short. Suma’s vision provides a color of sapphire. She works out an individual who is very friendly and you will such as for instance a beneficial girl that is seeing every facet of their lifetime.

Suma is wearing a short sleeveless dress that displays the lady cleavage along with her skirt was covered having an enthusiastic obi that is from a white color.

Suma’s identity is a bit unpleasant, since the she likes to overload the lady responses regarding the issues in hence she finds out by herself. In the place of Makio Suma is not clear on by herself especially when she is during a combat since she can get noticed whining. This is primarily seen inside struggle with the fresh new Obi Demon. Suma gets the same effect whenever she actually is getting praised of the Tengen.

She is a lady shinobi too, however, their character have a beneficial affect the girl event due to the fact worries and you may suspicion grab a cost on her behalf enjoy.


Because you may have guessed right now out-of Tengen’s grindr choice, Hiantsuru try a young girl, however, her appearance is different from that from both other women that was previously mentioned.

She is out-of typical peak, thin along with her locks are black colored and you can a lot of time. She looks form and comfortable with her big sweet almond-designed attention and you can a special mole that is discover just below this lady kept attention.

Hiantsuru is wearing a primary lavender sleeveless dress that shows cleavage same as with other wives and you may brown fishnets one to visited to help you the woman thigh.

Hiantsuru is best noted for this lady relaxed demeanor and you can a truly sweet character as well as the lady persistence. She has already been thought loving so you’re able to the woman partner. While in the matches, Hiantsuru has a proper attention and a mental thought processes. Those people wade really well together fearlessness.

Same as their almost every other spouses, Hiantsuru is actually good shinobi. This allows this lady to get better than regular individuals, because of her education. Still, she has no superpowers.

Tengen Uzui’s treatments for his spouses

Tengen provides a large amount of respect to possess their spouses, just like the as he was about to become listed on the new Devil Slaying Corps, he expected their wives when they were ok with this choice. Something else entirely would be the fact Tengen usually do not stand when someone insults their spouses which ultimately shows that he’s really protective of these.

Tengen areas each one of his spouses, nevertheless the question for you is when the the guy wants these from the same height. The solution can be it cannot getting computed with confidence. Certain say that the guy loves Suma the most given that she is actually this new partner whom he previously picked because the his first. Anyone else differ, as they believe Tengen and you will Hiantsuru have the best husband-girlfriend dating in the manga.

As to why he’s about three wives

Your family Uzui has a society where every man need certainly to end up being partnered to three wives and although these wives are chosen of the head of one’s nearest and dearest, one has to go along with it. The fresh wives was selected of the the compatibility into men out of brand new Uzui family unit members. Why Tengen Uzui enjoys about three spouses is easy. For the reason that it is a family group society of your Uzui.

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