The guy stays in the human Globe where the guy is the owner of a little store and this offers Shinigami products

The guy stays in the human Globe where the guy is the owner of a little store and this offers Shinigami products

Kisuke Urahara (?? ??, Urahara Kisuke) is the previous chief of your own twelfth Division, in addition to originator and you can initial President of the S.R.D.I.. His lieutenant was Hiyori Sarugaki. He is helped of the his employees Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and you can Ururu Tsumugiya.

Physical appearance

Kisuke is actually a taller, lean man which have white body and you will grey vision. Their locks are messy and you will light-blond (almost soft), having strands framing the brand new corners of your deal with and clinging between his attention, and then he has actually chin stubble. The guy wears a dark-green Shihakusho in place of an undershirt. Over so it, the guy wears a black colored haori, and therefore sports a white diamond development along their base half, similar to an upside-down captain’s haori. Urahara sells a lover, that he periodically uses to full cover up their face. He usually wears traditional Japanese wooden shoes (geta) and you may an effective striped dark-green and you can white container cap (which generally tincture his sight), [2] with obtained your the newest moniker “sandal-hat” (????, geta-boshi; “Mr. Hat-and-Clogs” regarding the English dub).

During the his prior to decades for the Spirit Neighborhood, he had a clean-hairless face and you can wore the quality Shinigami uniform. Within his more relaxed incidents, the guy usually used their geta. [3] The guy later used a lengthy-sleeved captain’s haori after their campaign to the score out-of chief. [4]


Even in the event always a put-straight back, upbeat, jovial, modest and peculiar boy, Urahara shows an effective deceptively cunning and you can major front if condition deserves it. The guy aren’t spends lazy discussion and external concern to disturb their competitors. [5] Even after his care and attention-totally free emotions, the guy constantly speaks politely, it is both sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihoin notes the guy can talk about the big having any type of the guy gets excited about. He has revealed himself as an excellent “mere truthful, handsome, kinky entrepreneur.”

Everything 110 years back, Urahara’s personality try slightly reverse from what it is throughout the introduce. Through the his prior to decades given that a head, he had been regarded as a stressed, flustered, and you can silent individual. Somewhat being unsure of regarding themselves, he lacked confidence in the ability to become good leader. Likewise, he had been sometimes confused with dealing with their division. Despite being shameful in the character, the guy featured apparently comfortable within his early in the day position in the next Division Detention Equipment. not, he fundamentally hardened their care for to adopt their part due to the fact chief by the starting to be more major and you will determined.

Urahara usually can be discovered close to the world out-of an essential knowledge, but the guy scarcely intervenes during the points, preferring to remain into the sidelines. He usually knows more details than simply he lets to the, and you can even after becoming a primary player on disease, the guy serves only because a stimulant, having other people carry out the work for your. Urahara is normally manipulative, tricking someone for the starting just what he desires them to.

Kisuke is actually a pragmatic fighter, convinced that playing with any form requisite when you look at the a life-and-demise battle is essential within the win and you may success, such as for example creating an enthusiastic alliance having Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ahead of time in order to overcome Calling on Nakk Ce Vaar via a slip attack away from at the rear of. [6]


Urahara was raised from the Shihoin Residence in Seireitei along with his childhood members of the family Yoruichi Shihoin and you may Tessai Tsukabishi. [7] He joined the Gotei 13 within exact same date Yoruichi registered the new Onmitsukido, [3] and in the end became the next Chair of your 2nd Division, that was connected on the Onmitsukido. Included in his responsibilities as among the top five Resting Officers, Urahara became head of the Onmitsukido’s Detention Product. [8] As much as 110 years back, new twelfth Division head, Kirio Hikifune, try promoted for the Regal Shield, [9] and Yoruichi necessary Urahara as the this lady substitute for. [10]

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